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          God's written word and today's scientific community agree on something...that there are and almost always have been multiple human bloodlines. Those bloodlines are also known as lines of genetic (a.k.a. DNA/gnome) descent. Yes, those lines have become blurred with the passage of time, but the science of DNA/gnome mapping continues to advance. We're likely to learn a lot more about our unique species. Much of that will be about who we were long before human historians started recording our progress. Why wait for that, though? God's word offers a marvelous preview of what we'll learn, later, from science. So let's start there; okay?

          Per the original-language Old Testament scriptures, we've learned that Satan was God's first near-perfect (but not quite perfect) created being. God put Satan in charge of all of His other children, but that went to his head: He led a full third of God's children in mutiny and then into exile. Chapter 6 of Genesis will become critical to those who'll eventually comprehend what has happened within our species since then:

          A. Verses 1-4 document the fact that many of Satan's fellow exiles came to Earth (then 

              and later, too, per verse 4) and mated with many of God's children who had not 

              previously participated in the grand mutiny. Those genetic lines were forever polluted. 

              The Greeks were among several^ global groups who perceived at least one 

              subsequent return of the exiles as gods—clearly superior to themselves.

                   ^ While Greek mythology became the most well-known, multiple other genetic groups, worldwide, 

                                perceived Satan's fellow exiles very similarly.

          B. Verses 5-7 record God's extreme disappointment with his children who were 

              continuing to betray their former loyalty to righteousness. But why was it so 

              important to God that the human gnome remain pure? That'd be because His plan 

              was for our Savior to be born of the pure human DNA-line of the man, Adam.

          C. The good news is that God was able to identify just one human family that had not 

              bred with the exiles. That was Noah's family. Noah, his forefathers and his offspring 

              were far from "perfect," but their human DNA was pure: It was directly traceable to 

              the man, Adam—the line through which Jesus was to descend. The KJV's verse 9 

              says it like this: "Noah was perfect in his generations."

          D. The man, Abraham, was Noah's pure-line descendant. Abraham's son, Isaac, and 

              his grandson, Jacob, were Noah's pure-line descendants, too. Jacob's name was 

              changed to Israel. He had 12 sons. Their descendants became "the 12 tribes of Israel." 

              For whatever reason, God chose to reveal Himself to the rest of our species through 

              His highly-visible relationship with THAT genetic group.

          E. To the original nation of Israel, He gave this instruction (paraphrased): "O.K. guys, 

              these are the boundaries for your thinking and your behavior. Stay within these 

              boundaries to enjoy my blessings and my protection. Step one foot outside these 

              boundaries and you're on your own. Step back inside with plans to stay and you can, 

              again, enjoy my blessings and my protection."

              For the most part, they stayed outside those boundaries and life was tough; but when 

              they repented and started behaving themselves again, life was good. THAT is the 

              abbreviated essence of The Old Testament.

          F. A very small percentage of the descendants of Jacob/Israel were/are "Jews." They 

              were/are descended from Israel's son, Judah. For those who don’t learn that, the 

              scriptural "dots" will never connect.^

                   ^ "There are numerous prophecies regarding Israel which differ so entirely from Jewish history that they 

                                 cannot be applied to Jews of the past or present." —One Man’s Destiny (1942), by C. R. Dickey

          G. Israel's king, David, and his son, Solomon, were pure-DNA descendants of the men, 

               Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Israel and Judah. With Solomon's son, Rehoboam, 

               the substantially larger nation of Israel seceded from the kingdom of Judah, and

               established its capitol at the North.

          H. The northern kingdom, Israel, fell first, 721 years before Christ. The southern kingdom, 

               Judah, fell 135 years later.

           I.  The formerly "lost" 10 tribes of Israel are now known to have migrated North into 

               "the end of the earth" (i.e.: today's British Isles) and other parts of Europe.^ They 

               became the dominant races in those lands. In some notable cases, they became the 

               ruling families. There were also multiple subsequent migrations of Jews (i.e.: genetic 

               descendants of the man, Judah) to the same areas. Secular historians often refer to 

               them as "Jutes." The northern part of today's Denmark [> Danmark] is the Jutland 


                    ^ "Some Iberian [Hebrew] blood probably flows in the veins of every modern Englishman, more in the 

                                  average Scot, most in the Welsh and Irish." —History of England (1926), by G. Macaulay Trevelyan

               At various times in the recorded history of the European Continent the Sons of Isaac 

               were called by a variety of names. Among them were "Saxons" (Isaac's Sons), 

               "Angles" (<Anglo-Saxon), "Engles" (<English) and "Iberians" (sons of Eber, from 

               which the racial designation, "Hebrew," was derived). They were also called 

               Caucasians, because most of them had gone through the Caucasian Pass, between 

               the Black and Caspian Seas on their prophesied migrations: Until the Sixth Century 

               or later, the Hebrew alphabet had no vowels: "Isaac's Sons" was rendered "SXNS." 

               That's where the "Saxons" name came from.

                    ^ "Anglo-Saxon expansion took place in the exact order stated to Jacob: westward first from Palestine, 

                                  across Europe to the British Isles; then on west in the seventeenth century to America; in the same 

                                  century India was acquired in the east; Canada, the northernmost section of the British Empire, was 

                                  taken from the French in the eighteenth century; then in the nineteenth century Britain colonized 

                                  Australia, New Zealand and South Africa…In the meantime dramatic chapters were being added to 

                                  United States history as pioneers blazed famous trails westward to the Pacific Ocean…to the West they 

                                  went – across the Appalachian Highlands, the central plains, the Mississippi River and the Rocky 

                                  Mountains. One of the most important events in American history was the Louisiana Purchase in which 

                                  Thomas Jefferson bought from Napoleon a vast territory extending from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. 

                                  The transaction took place in 1803 and marked a new era of expansion for the United States. In the 

                                  same century brilliant heroes of Texas history freed that vast territory from the domination of Spain and 

                                  Mexico. In 1867 the great northwestern peninsula of Alaska was purchased from Russia.

                                  "Today islands scattered in all the oceans and seas look to the navies of Britain and the United States 

                                  for protection. Truly the Spirit said of Jacob-Israel, 'His seed shall be in many waters.'" 

                                  —One Man’s Destiny (1942), by C. R. Dickey

          J.  Jesus was a Jew: Through Mary, His line was pure and traceable all the way back to 

               the man, Adam. The Pharisee, Saul (who, later, became the apostle, Paul), was of 

               the even smaller tribe of Benjamin. Most of the 1st-Century Scribes and Pharisees 

               and Priests were not Jews, as required by the Law. At John 8:38-44, Jesus declared 

               that they were descended from one or more of the exiles. It's true that most of the 

               Jews and Israelites rejected Christ, but the descendants of exiles bear total 

               responsibility for His crucifixion. What's the full scoop on all that? Grab two or three 

               friends who're also curious and invest some prayerful study time at our "Connecting

               the Dots" page. Can't find others to study with you? That's okay: God will bless your 

               personal investment in prayerful study.

               Will you have questions? Probably. Please feel very free to click here and ask them:

          K.  Precisely three days and three nights after Jesus' death on the cross, He was 

               resurrected into the prototype of the other-dimensional body that His faithful followers 

               will receive upon "The First Resurrection," as described at Revelation 11:15 and 20:6. 

               The seventh (i.e.: last) trumpet will sound precisely 3-1/2 days after the "two witnesses" 

               of Revelation 11:3-15 come back to life. Curious about that? Invest some prayerful 

               study time on our "Rapture" page.

               Who are Jesus' faithful followers who'll be "saved?"

               "And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that 

               obey him." —Hebrews 5:9

          L.  At what point will the faithful be "saved?"

               "Receiving the end of [your] faith, even the salvation of [your] souls." —1 Peter 1:9

               "...he that endureth to the end shall be saved." —Jesus, at Matthew 10:22, 24:13 and 

               Mark 13:13

               "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may 

               receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good 

               or bad." —Paul, at 2 Corinthians 5:10

               If you're wondering about those people (righteous and unrighteous) who will already 

               have experienced death when that time comes, that's when they'll be judged and 

               "saved" or "not saved," too.

          M. What is the Biblical process to obtain eternal salvation?

               (1) Hear the Gospel message and believe it (Romans 10:17).

               (2) Confess – i.e.: admit – your sins to God (1 John 1:9).

               (3) Repent – i.e.: resolve not to continue in – your sins...especially any that may 

                    have become a lifestyle. But if and when you DO sin, there's this:     

                    "...if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the 

                    righteous." —1 John 2:1

               (4) Be baptized (Mark 16:16) and then, per Romans 10:10, announce your faith in 

                    Christ to others.

                    (No need to preach on the street corners, though. Just let other people know...)

               (5) Obey Christ's commandments.

                    Careful: There are wildly popular teachers out there who'll try to convince you 

                    that obedience isn't necessary. Invest some prayerful study time on our 

                    "Salvation" page for the full scoop on that.

               (6) Per 2 Timothy 2:15, study to show yourself approved unto God.

                    One of the primary reasons WHY you must do that is the fact that there are so 

                    many teachers and churches who keep selling those "free tickets to Heaven."

               (7) Endure to the end of your life or until the end of The Great Tribulation, per Jesus' 

                    own proclamation, as recorded at Matthew 24:13 and Mark 13:13.

          Why will it be really, really important for you to " out your own salvation with fear and trembling...," per Philippians 2:12,13? "Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." —Jesus, at Matthew 7:13,14

—T. C. Newsome, resident scribe

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