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“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.” 

—Daniel 2:34,35,44

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          Is modern "Israel" that revived nation of prophecy? During the time B.C. 740-710, the ten tribes of Israel were exiled to Assyria. Prior to the dawn of the 19th Century, they were correctly called "The Lost House of Israel." Why the 19th Century? Three separate verses of Leviticus 26 records God’s vow to punish the House of Israel (not to include the House of Judah) "seven times" for their sins. It is generally conceded among Bible scholars that a prophetic "time" is 360 years. Using that measure, "seven times" equates to 2,520 years. Just do the math.


          Published historical evidence of Israel’s credible identity began with the dawn of the 19th Century. That continues to escalate. There remains little question in the minds of many Bible scholars that genetic ISRAEL is comprised, primarily, of the citizenry of Earth’s so-called Christian nations.


          At various times in the recorded history of the European Continent the Sons of Isaac were called by a variety of names. Among them were Saxons (Isaac’s Sons), Angles (<Anglo-Saxon), Engles (<English) and Iberians (sons of Eber—from which the racial designation Hebrew was derived). They were also called Caucasians, because most of them had traversed the Caucasian Pass between the Black Sea and the Caspian Seas on their prophesied migrations. (Until the Sixth Century A.D. or later, the Hebrew alphabet had no vowels: "Isaac’s Sons" was rendered SXNS, from which was derived the pronunciation, "Saxons.")

     "Many contend that the church is the kingdom of Christ which becomes a great mountain and fills the whole earth. Yet how can it be? Daniel saw the God of heaven setting up an empire that would break in pieces ruthless, aggressive nations and scatter them like chaff. That is not the work of churches and ministers of the sacred altars; it is the work of nations, statesmen and military strategists under divine guidance…The time of their expansion should coincide too with the ending of the ‘seven times’ punishment, 2,520 years after the captivities of Israel and Judah... Reckoning the fall of Samaria to have occurred in 722 B.C., the 2,520 years would end for that portion of Israel around 1798 A.D. That brings us to the end of the eighteenth century which is also the time of papal Rome’s decline. And what do we find taking place as this time approached? We see Anglo-Saxon Israel begin the most 

gigantic territorial expansion in the world’s history…

      "Anglo-Saxon expansion took place in the exact order stated to Jacob: westward first from Palestine, across Europe to the British Isles; then on west in the seventeenth century to America; in the same century India was acquired in the east; Canada, the northernmost section of the British Empire, was taken from the French in the eighteenth century; then in the nineteenth century Britain colonized Australia, New Zealand and South Africa…In the meantime dramatic chapters were being added to United States history as pioneers blazed famous trails westward to the Pacific Ocean…to the West they went – across the Appalachian Highlands, the central plains, the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. One of the most

important events in American history was

the Louisiana Purchase in which Thomas Jefferson bought from Napoleon a vast territory extending from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. The transaction took place in 1803 and marked a new era of expansion for the United States. In the same century brilliant heroes of Texas history freed that vast territory from the domination of Spain and Mexico. In 1867 the great northwestern peninsula of Alaska was purchased from Russia.

      "Today islands scattered in all the oceans and seas look to the navies of Britain and the United States for protection. Truly the Spirit said of Jacob-Israel, ‘His seed shall be in many waters.’"


     —quoted from C. R. Dickey’s book,
         One Man’s Destiny (1942)

The following two quotes are from that same source—

          > "The tragedy of Protestant Christianity today is that men can’t find the kingdom. It is 

             still a mystery to them. They look for it in their hearts, in heaven, and everywhere in 

             God’s universe except in the midst of their national existence."

          > "People who refuse to see a continuation of Israel in the English speaking nations are 

             like a man who, after looking at the Rocky Mountains, demands proof that they are 


But why is this so very important for YOU to know?

          Self-proclaimed tolerant Liberals apply the "Racist Bigot!" label to anyone who dares to disagree with them on most any political or social point. That's because they can find no rational way to defend their irrational points of view. If you're personally fed up with that behavior you may find it pretty easy to understand why you really need to fully comprehend the information on this page. Here's the scoop:

          Members of one very angry group of Bible "experts" are now beginning to discover that there is simply NO sensible scriptural support for their enormously popular but extremely dangerous teaching. The problem with that, for them, is that they don't know any other way to earn a living! The most aggressive and vocal proponents of the gospel according to John Calvin consistently try to shut down their opposition with the angry catch-phrase, "You're not rightly dividing the word or truth!" What do they mean by that?

          They mean that to rightly divide the word of truth you must agree with them that, except for a couple of the books that Paul wrote, NONE of the New Testament applies to "the Church," but only to "The Lost House of Israel." With that, they hope to dispel the scriptures that consistently reinforce the message of this one: "And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation to all them that OBEY him." —Hebrews 5:9

          Is it likely, then, that those angry "experts" are aware that "The Lost House of Israel" is no longer lost? And you gotta wonder, too, if they're familiar with the scriptures that clearly erase any distinction between Jews, Israelites, Gentiles, men, women and even slaves within be brotherhood of believers...

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