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Yes, I know: You're accustomed to finding a statement of faith on every Christian website.

So why isn't there one of those on this site? That's partly because we're not a church.

Instead we're an organization of multi-denominational believers who're actively

seeking to know the gospel Jesus and the 1st-Century apostles preached.

An awful lot of new time religion successfully masquerades as old time religion today.

Because traditional teaching has changed a LOT since the 1st Century,

we're compelled to learn what's true and what's new.

When everyone in a peer group claims compliance with a "What 'We' Believe" statement

the majority of them have subjected their studying and thinking and believing to an elite minority.

While that mindset may have been okay before the 19th Century (when literacy started becoming the norm),

it's pure folly today: "Thus saith the LORD; 'Cursed be the man that trusteth in man...'" —Jeremiah 17:5